Business Interpreting Services

London Translation Services, as one of the leading interpreting and translation companies on the market, has been successfully providing best quality business interpreting services for various Business Sector clients. Within the past decade of conducting our business activity we have developed an impressive database of interpreters in more than 265 languages including: Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Dari, French, Farsi, German, Guajarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Mirpuri, Polish, Punjabi, Pushto, Romanian, Russian, Singhalese, Slovak, Tamil, Urdu and many others. To see the full list of available languages click here.

Qualified Business Interpreters

As a recognised language and culture related services provider we choose to cooperate only with the best interpreters, who hold qualifications not only in the field of interpreting itself but also in the specific areas of this craft with business being one of our key specialisations. All interpreters working for LTS are not only bilingual but also bicultural and as they regularly undergo rigorous trainings they always know how to behave in a particular situation. If you decide to choose our business interpreting services provided by LTS you can be rest assured that we will find a perfect interpreter for any type of business meeting you organise.

Types of Interpreting Services for Business Sector

At LTS we understand that every communicational situation is different, therefore depending on what kind of business event you need interpreters for, you can choose from:

Irrespective of whether you work for an institution and have to find an interpreter for a huge international business conference or an individual who needs an interpreter to assist you during a one-two-one professional meeting, you should contact us immediately. We guarantee to provide you with a professional interpreter, even for a short notice appointment.

Full Confidentiality of Business Meetings Guaranteed

At LTS we understand that all issues discussed during professional business meetings are of the highest confidentiality and discretion. As one of the leading interpreting and translation companies on the British market we always make sure that services we provide are always to the highest expectations and satisfaction of our clients. As a company registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 we guarantee that all personal data you entrust us with will be processed only to the extent specified by you. Moreover all members of the staff are obliged to sign Confidentiality Agreement which states that none of the information disclosed by you will ever see the daylight in any situation.

Should you have any further question regarding our interpreting services provided for Business Sector clients, please, do not hesitate and contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.

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