Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most common types of interpreting services. It is a very difficult craft which consists in interpreting while the speaker is delivering the speech. Let’s assume that you wish to use our Simultaneous Interpreting Services in London, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth together with one colleague with whom he/she changes after a certain amount of time.

Seating Arrangements of Conference Interpreters

The speaker in a conference room speaks directly to a microphone while the interpreter receives the sound through headphones and renders the utterance in the target language into the microphone almost simultaneously. The participants of the conference select the relevant channel in order to choose the interpretation in the language of their choice.

Types of Simultaneous Interpreting

In terms of simultaneous interpreting there are two types of languages distinguished: active and passive. An active language is a language interpreters can speak flawlessly whereas a passive language is the one they can perfectly understand but not necessarily speak without making mistakes. Some interpreters have perfect second language proficiency and in such case we talk that they have two active languages. Interpreters who are able to listen to the speech in their mother tongue and then render it into their second active language are said to do a retour. It is extremely difficult and requires extraordinary concentration therefore there are more consecutive interpreters who do retour than simultaneous ones.

According to the results of a study on interpreters workload carried out in December 2001 by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), simultaneous interpreting belongs to the category of high-stress professions. Many respondents who were active conference interpreters by that time stated following factors as most stressful when performing their job:

  • high speech rate;
  • the texts being read out by the delegates;
  • strong accents;
  • lack of preparation time;
  • discomfort connected with the work in a special sound-proof booth.

As one of the leading interpreting and translation companies in London and on the British market, London Translation Services, has been successfully providing best quality simultaneous interpreting since 2007. Within the course of our professional activity we have developed an impressive database of simultaneous interpreters in over 265 languages including Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Czech, Slovak, French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, and of course English. Moreover in our offer you will also find BSL simultaneous interpreting.

All our simultaneous interpreters are native speakers of the target language (it is their active language) and have excellent understanding of their second (passive) language. Moreover our interpreters regularly undergo rigorous trainings where they learn how to cope in stressful situations and get acquainted with novelties form the field of interpreting.

Should you have any further question regarding our simultaneous interpreting service, please, do not hesitate and contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.