Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive interpreting is one of the most popular types of interpreting services. This type of rendering utterances from the source language into the target one is most suitable for informal situations like trade discussions or business meetings, however sometimes it is also requested on various types of conferences.

What does consecutive interpreting look like?

 The interpreter sits with the delegates in the room where the meeting is held and listens to the speeches delivered by the delegates. While listening to the speeches consecutive interpreters usually make notes (where required) using special signs and mental shortcuts, which will make no sense to a random person but are perfectly legible to the interpreting professional.

When the delegate finishes his/her talk the interpreter starts rendering the utterance in the target language for other participants of the meeting. The interpreter reconstructs the speech on the basis of the said notes. Usually the speaker makes pauses in the speech in order to facilitate the work of an interpreter.

Qualified consecutive interpreters

Professional consecutive interpreters have to be highly qualified not only in the field of interpreting itself but they should also be distinguished by an excellent memory. Despite the fact that such interpreters may peek at their notes while performing their job, it is their memory that constitutes a guarantee of high quality interpretation. Professional qualified consecutive interpreters are able to memorize up to 10 minutes of a speech and then render it in the target language with no information omissions.

Consecutive interpreters at LTS

Having gained over a decade of professional experience, London Translation Services has developed an impressive database of consecutive interpreters in over 265 languages. They have been providing their best quality interpreting services for various occasions and no situation has ever surprised them, therefore have always met the highest requirements and expectations of our clients.

Should you have any further questions regarding our consecutive interpreting service please do not hesitate and call us on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than willing to clarify all possible matters.

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