Whispering Interpreting Services

Whispering interpreting, know also by its French name ‘chuchotage’ could be characterised as a special type of simultaneous interpreting. Interpreter, instead of being a firm and loud voice rendering message from the source to target language becomes a soft voice in ear of a client.

A professional stands or sits next to the client and interprets other speaker’s utterances directly to his/her ear. This type of interpreting, contrary to the consecutive one, allows parties to save much time as the message is immediately and directly transferred to the final receiver. Therefore it is perfect for multinational business meetings.

Whispering interpreting is not an easy task to perform. Similarly to other types of interpreting it requires the highest level of proficiency of at least two languages, accuracy, professionalism, and discretion. While whispering directly into the client’s ear an interpreter must speak on the one hand loud and confident enough so to be clearly heard but on the other hand he/she should not distract other participants of the meeting, let alone the main speaker.

Moreover an interpreter must remain focused throughout the whole session, pay utmost attention to the speaker and not let other participants and interpreters distract him/her in performing the job.

At London Translation Services we have been providing professional and reliable whispering interpreting services for a decade and have always met highest requirements of our clients. Do not waste your time and time of your business partners when having a meeting and call us to provide you with a professional whispering interpreter who will facilitate smooth and trouble free communication between all meeting participants.

Should you have any further questions regarding our whispering interpreting service please do not hesitate and contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our professional and friendly staff will be more than willing to clarify all possible matters.