Video Remote Interpreting Services

At London Translation Services (LTS), we provide our professional interpreting services including video remote interpreting services on various occasions and events ranging from GP’s or dentist’s appointments, through large multinational conferences to police hearings and court sessions. An interpreter constitutes a link between parties, a platform of full mutual understanding responsible for smooth communication during a meeting or appointment. Usually an interpreter sits or stands between a professional and a client/patient, however in some emergency situations it may be impossible to arrange a professional and reliable interpreter on a short notice.

At LTS we have found a perfect solution for such problem! Not only we may offer you a telephone interpreting but as sometimes it is not sufficient we also provide a video remote interpreting service.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is very similar to telephone interpreting, however as it is aimed not only at transmitting sound but also at presenting picture, it relays on such electronic devices as internet cameras or videophones. Although for some people it may seem as a complicated procedure it is in fact very easy. A professional sits together with a client or patient in front of a computer monitor with an installed internet camera, while an interpreter who is currently in another location, sits in front of his/her monitor and is equipped with professional devices which guarantee best quality of both sound and picture.

Video Remote Interpreting is a rapidly developing branch of technology, especially when it comes to emergency cases. In such situations patients usually have to immediately contact medical personnel to obtain advice on their current condition, which often may be very serious. In some cases it might be very risky to wait for an interpreter to arrive as actions on the scene must be undertaken immediately after the accident has occurred. Thanks to our Video Remote Interpreting hospitals have gained a possibility to immediately get in touch with an interpreter and as result of this their medical personnel on a scene is able to start life or health saving actions right away.

Should you have any further questions regarding our Video Remote Interpreting service please do not hesitate and contact us on 0208 432 3012 and our professional and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.