Transcription Services

At London Translation Services we are passionate about languages therefore we provide wide range of language and culture related services with transcription services being one of them and therefore we are all well known as one of the leading Transcription Services in the UK for all types of transcription services i.e. legal, medical or technical.

What is transcription?

The process of transcription consists simply in transcribing an audio or video material into a written script and to put it even simpler and in a more graphical way it is a process of turning sound into letters, something that we hear into something we can see and read.

First thing we usually think of when we hear the word ‘transcription’ is usually an interview. Nowadays it is a standard procedure for journalists to record their interlocutors as it is more time efficient than traditional writing down in the notebook.

Transcription Services from Dictaphones or Mobiles

Moreover using Dictaphone precludes the possibility of loosing parts of utterances and gives the journalist the opportunity to carefully process all what has been said by the interviewee. However transcription is not only useful for press, radio and television purposes. Recording is also used on every day basis by many Public and Private Sector companies such as Police, Courts, Hospitals, Enterprises and by individuals like you, who record many familial ceremonies like weddings, baptisms, parties etc. If you are searching for Transcription Services in the UK, then look no further as LTS is the answer to your transcription needs.

Types of Transcription Services at LTS

Having gained over a decade of professional experience, LTS has transcribed 100s various audio and video materials, from journalist’s interview, through court hearings and police interrogations to medical appointments. In our offer you will find:

  • General transcriptions
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Business transcriptions
  • Medical transcriptions
  • Legal transcriptions
  • Transcription of private materials.

As we have at our disposal an impressive database of professional translators we have been also providing transcription services from more than 265 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Russian, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Punjabi, Tamil, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and many more. You can find a list with all the languages provided here.

Although to some people transcription may seem easy, it is in fact a very demanding and arduous task, which requires from a transcriber constant concentration. Not every recording is of a good quality so it is often challenging to write down everything what has been said. Therefore we would recommend you to rely upon a recognised services provider such as LTS.

Confidentiality of the recordings

Once you decide to entrust us with your audio or video recording you do not have to worry about its content being seen or heard by a wider public. As one of the leading interpreting and translation companies on the British market, LTS is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 what means that we will process recorded data only to the extend specified by you. Moreover all staff members working for LTS are obliged to sign Confidentiality Agreements what guarantees full confidentiality and discretion.

If you decide to use our transcription services you can send us your recorded materials in a traditional format but if you have a digital version thereof please upload it here.

Need additional information?

Should you have any additional question or remarks please do not hesitate and contact us on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than willing to clarify all possible matters.