Proofreading Services

Being one of the leading interpreting and translations companies on the British market and having gained over 8 years of professional experience, London Translation Services takes great pride in its quality Proofreading Services.

Since 2007 LTS have dealt with thousands of various documents, texts, leaflets, letters etc. and have always met the highest requirement and expectations of our clients (to read our client’s opinions please click here). This result could not be achieved without our highly qualified and professional translators as well as the team of our … experienced proofreaders! Thanks to our proofreading services you may be sure that each document you submit for translation at LTS will be handled professionally and its translated version will be 100% compliant with the original and completely errorless.

What is Proofreading Service?

Translation Proofreading Service constitutes the last stage before presenting the final version of a text to a client. This is a process consisting in reading the translated document by another translator of the target language, who hereby functions as a proofreader. His/Her main aim is to target all possible mistakes and errors in the text – grammatical, spelling or typographical – and to correct them.

It happens very often so that a translator who has been working on a document is not able to see his own typos or other omissions and distortions. That is why proofreading requires another professional who is able to analyse the text in an objective way and by taking a fresh look at the translation is able to implement final corrections. The result of such process is an errorless, professional and top quality final version of a submitted text in the target language.

Looking for Proofreading Services could not be any easier than this?

Certified Translations

At LTS all translation services go together with the process of proofreading. It means that when a translator finishes translating your document from the source language into the one you requested, the translation is not immediately sent to you. It is proofread by one of our professionals who is responsible for its final, flawless version. After receiving our proofreader’s approval your translation is certified by us. In other words certification gives you the guarantee that your document is 100% compliant with the original version and free from any mistakes. You can submit your translated documents in every office in the world and present them in front of every authority.

Here is a short video introduction as to How is a Translation Certified.

Our Proofreading Services in UK provides qualified and professional proofreaders who are used to work along with the translators to ensure that your document(s) will be dealt at the very short notice but with utmost quality and professionalism.

Should you have any further questions regarding proofreading services provided by LTS please do not hesitate and contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.