Media Services

Are you organizing an event and need to arrange professional interpreters in London for your need for Media Services in London?

Are you organizing a multicultural event for people coming from different countries and therefore speaking many foreign languages and representing various cultures? Would you like to make sure that all participants will be able to understand each and every speech delivered during the meeting or conference? Or maybe you are a TV producer or a TV station employee who would like to conduct an interview with experts and specialists from the field of culture and language? This is where you need the services of a Professional Media Services in London or any other parts of the UK or World.

London Translation Agency has been providing professional and best quality language and culture related services for over a decade for a wide range of events and so far has always met highest expectations and requirements of our clients. We can even arrange our interpreters to take part in an event organized by you so that they could share their experiences as citizens of the world and present their native culture to your guests. Please do not hesitate and contact us and we will be pleased to arrange a professional interpreter, who will adjust to every occasion and will meet all possible requirements and demands.

Are you a journalist writing an article on multiculturalism in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world?

At LTS we have always been passionate about foreign languages and culture therefore our managing team consists of people from all over the world including countries such as Afghanistan, Italy, France, Poland, Latvia and obviously UK. If you are a journalist who wishes to write an article or conduct an interview for a talk show concerning foreign languages, cultures, interpreting, translations or other related services contact us immediately! Our competent and friendly staff will be happy to arrange a professional who will entertain your audience.

Please contact us via email or contact us form for our Media Relationship Manager, who will provide you with any further explanations on our media related services.

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