Legal Translation Services

As the translation company in London our Legal Translation Services in London provide affordable and reliable translation to public and private sector organisations as well as individuals.

Translation services provided for the Legal Sector are of the highest importance as they usually refer to a legal situation of a particular person and therefore any misunderstanding may have a devastating influence on his/her well-being. All modern civilisations are based on law and thus legal translation services, which set out procedures determining our every day life. Just imagine what would have happened if there were no legal rules and provisions in the form of civil or criminal codes, thank to which we can enjoy decent and organised life.

However there is one dark side to the legal order, namely administrative matters a.k.a. paper work… None likes it, but unfortunately legal matters are unavoidable and everyone has to deal with them once in a while. It is not a secret that legal technolect seems complicated and sophisticated, let alone when you have to handle papers which are not concluded in your native language. Don’t worry! We are here to help!

London Translation Services, having gained over a decade years of professional experience, has dealt with a huge variety of legal documents such as:

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Insurance Contracts, Immigration Documents, Property/Exhibit Labels, Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Litigation Documents, Trusts, Articles of Incorporation, Wills, Depositions.

Being fully aware of the consequences that mistakes and discrepancies in terms of legal translation services may have on our client’s life, at LTS we always choose to use only highly qualified translators, who hold qualifications not only in the field of legal translations itself but also in the particular categories of this discipline like: social care, court decrees, police forms etc. Once you entrust us with your legal documents you can rest assure that your translation will be assigned to the most suitable and experienced legal translator from our impressive database.

LTS as a member of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group and the full member of the Association of Translation Companies and the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EU ATC), has gained all ATC and ISO 9001:2015 accreditations. Moreover all translators working for LTS are members of many recognised organisations and institutions such as:

  •  ITI (Institute of Translations and Interpreting)
  • IoL (Institute of Linguists)
  • NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreters)

Full Confidentiality and Discretion

If you decide to entrust us with your documents you may can rest assure that their content will never be disclosed to a wider public. Being registered under the Data Protection Act 1990, LTS give you a full guarantee that all information and personal data disclosed in your documents will be processed only to the extend specified by you. Moreover all LTS staff members are obliged to sign the Confidentiality Agreement, what means that all documents you submit will only be seen by our translation projects manager, translator and proofreader as well as the matters resulting from them will never be discussed between any of our employees.

Apart from the standard Seal of Certification, our Company can also provide your documents with the Certificate of Authenticity should you require. Just tell us that such service is needed while submitting your enquiry.

Should you have any further questions regarding out legal translation services, please, do not hesitate and contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.