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A universal truth about the world – communication is a key to success. This statement applies not only to private relations between people but also to other professional areas of human life like business, law, etc. Therefore, especially in terms of formal correspondence in a foreign language, it is very important to always express oneself clearly and precisely through e-mail and letter and this is why our e-mail and letter translation services come of high importance in order to avoid any confusion and potential misunderstandings which may have a detrimental influence on the prosperity of your business activity.

The art of writing concise, informative and professional e-mails and letters is challenging enough, let alone when they have to be concluded in a foreign language. Nowadays almost every enterprise irrespective of its size, cooperates or at least intends to cooperate with foreign business partners to extend the scope of its activity. In such case it is unavoidable to conclude e-mails and letters in a language that is not native to a writing person. In order to overcome this obstacle people often decide to make use of computer translation programmes, which indeed provide the translation of the text however – what not everyone knows – of a very poor quality i.e. not compliant with the grammatical rules of a target language and using inadequate vocabulary items. Translations generated by such programmes will simply never be able to replace a human professional translator. Whether you are an international corporate or an individual and require an e-mails or letters translation services then contact us now for a free certified translation quote.

At London Translation Services we provide best quality translators who perform their job with the utmost respect to the rules set forth by experienced linguists and well-known theorists of translation, always adjusted to the specific needs of our clients. We work only with the best translators and linguists thanks to whom you may always be sure that both your formal and informal correspondence will be translated using appropriate register of the language and with the respect to the target culture standards. If you wish to amaze your business partners with professional, free from any mistakes and flawless e-mails and letters forget about computer translation programmes. Come to us!

Confidentiality of Correspondence

At LTS we understand that correspondence, regardless of whether these are private letters or official statements, is always 100% confidential. If you decide to entrust us with your letters or e-mails you can be sure that none of the information that is in it, will ever see the daylight. LTS, as one of the leading interpreting and translations companies on the British market, is signed under the Data Protection Act 1998, what means that all data you provide us with will be processed only to the extend specified by you. Moreover all members of our staff are obliged to sign the Confidentiality Agreement what constitutes the guarantee of full discretion.

Formal Correspondence

In terms of business and legal correspondence it is clear, that some letters or e-mails may function as formal documents and have legal status, therefore in such cases we provide our clients with certified translations. Apart from the standard Stamp of Certification, we also may confirm the authenticity of your documents.

Within the course of our professional translation activity LTS has dealt with a huge number of various letters/e-mails and have always met the highest requirements and expectations of our clients. Our aim is your satisfaction.

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Should you have any further question regarding our e-mails and letters translation services, please do not hesitate and contact us on 020 71 019 561 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than willing to clarify all possible matters.

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