Cultural and Language Consultancy Services

Our globe is composed of 7 continents, which are divided into 201 countries and in almost each of these countries there is more than one language spoken. According to the Census there are altogether approximately 7 billion people in the world, who are of different ancestry therefore are representatives of various cultures. Culture is an element which on the one hand brings people together and decides about their identity but on the other hand often constitutes a bone of contention which has led to many conflicts and even wars in the history of the world.

At London Translation Services we are fully aware of the impact that culture has on people’s everyday life, especially in terms of business run in multicultural countries like United Kingdom. Therefore we provide professional cultural and language consultancy services consisting in carefully designed courses for both Public and Private Sector clients.

What is culture and how LTS will help you cross cultural barriers?

There is no one definition of the notion ‘culture’ as it has been interpreted differently by various groups of specialists. Some of them identify culture with civilisation, other perceive it as entirety of human spiritual and material achievements. Most common definition of culture refers to a group of people which are settled within one area, use same language and share same traditions. Pursuant to this explanation it can be assumed that in every country there is different culture, however cultures of some countries are often quite similar (but not identical!) e.g. European culture, American culture etc. We should also bear in mind that even within one country there is no one and only culture, because people differ depending on the region they occupy.

At LTS our main focus is to facilitate successful communication between people, regardless of their origin, cultural background and mother tongue. We are passionate not only about the languages themselves but also about cultural differences between various communities and societies. Therefore, alongside with our interpreting and translations services, we organise professional courses on cultural and language consultancy.

Our Professional Cultural and Language Consultancy

Let’s imagine you run your own business activity in England and have just started professional cooperation with new partners from Japan. You are organising a meeting and want everything to go perfectly smooth. English and Japanese cultures differ, no doubts about that. What should you do in such situation? Go to the bookstore and buy tourist guides to find out how people live and behave in Japan? Start reading Internet forums and websites? Don’t waste your time! We are here to help you!

Just call us on 0208 432 3012 and sign up for one of our courses. Our professional and friendly staff will tell you everything you need to know about Japanese culture and language. Moreover you will learn few tips thanks to which you will be able to surprise your new business partners and make a great impression on them!

If you work in a multicultural environment, our cultural and language consultancy courses will help you create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, thanks to such courses that will make your employees and colleagues feel appreciated and motivated to put in even more effort every day. Our professionals will introduce you to the new world of various cultures. Afterwards, our cultural and language consultancy will stay available at anytime in case you need any help.

With us your success is guaranteed!

Should you have any further questions regarding our services please do not hesitate and contact us on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.