London Translation Services

Having gained over 15 years of professional experience, London Translation Services (LTS) constitutes one of the leading interpreting and translation companies on the British market. We have been providing our professional services for wide range of Public and Private Sector clients including NHS, Police, Courts, Solicitors and many others. As a member of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group we are directly benfiting from the the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) and the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies guidelines and certifications. Moreover our organisation is proud to have met the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 audit for the 10th time in the history of our economic activity what only proves that all services provided by LTS are of the best quality and always to the satisfaction of all our clients.

Words which best describe the way our company is run are:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Reliable
  • Attitude
  • Native Speakers
  • Services
  • Languages
  • Accreditation
  • Translating
  • Interpreting
  • Organisation
  • Nationwide
  • Satisfaction

Let us bring it closer to you.

Time efficiency – Choosing LTS you can rest assure that you will not have to wait long for us to organise a perfect interpreter for your needs or to provide best quality translation of your documents. In fact we offer last-minute interpreting and translation services as we understand all types of emergency situations.

Reliable – Having started our professional activity in 2006 we have gained reputation as a reliable provider of high quality interpreting and translations services. We are signed under the Data Protection Act 1998 what constitutes a guarantee that all information disclosed both during your meetings with the presence of our interpreters and in various documents will never see the daylight and will be processed only to the extent determined by you. Moreover all LTS staff is obliged to sign Confidentiality Agreement which makes them perform their duties with due care and discretion.

Attitude – At LTS we consider attitude both towards clients and work to be one of the most relevant factors of running successful business activity. We always endeavor to make our clients feel comfortable and to ensure them that their documents and course of appointments will be handled smoothly and professionally.

Native Speakers All interpreters and translators working for LTS are native speakers of the target language with great understanding of both English and target culture.

Services – We provide a wide range of professional language and culture related services i.e. translations, interpreting, transcription, cultural consultancy, localization and proofreading.

Languages – We have at our disposal a database of highly qualified interpreters and translators in more than 265 languages available 24/7 worldwide.

Accreditation – As mentioned above LTS is accredited by the ATC (as a full member of the Association of Translation Companies and network member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies). Moreover we are recognised and accredited by the international ISO 9001:2015 credentials.

Translating – At LTS we provide translations of documents and other materials from various branches such as legal, medical, business, technical etc. We also provide translations of professional and private correspondence, leaflets, brochures, manuals etc. All translations provided by us are certified.

Interpreting – We provide professional interpreters for all possible events and occasions ranging from huge multinational conferences to small business meetings or GP’s appointments.

Organisation – At LTS we give the greatest effort to conduct our business activity in the best possible organised way, thanks to which all our projects are both cost and time efficient.

Nationwide – We do not limit our translation and interpreting activity to London only as we have our group of translation companies in Birmingham, Manchester, Essex and Stoke on Trent. For us nothing is impossible so if you need an interpreter in any other city we will be pleased to provide you with the most suitable professional for the occasion.

Satisfaction – Last but not least. If you decide to use services provided by LTS you will join a large group of our satisfied clients.

To find out more about particular services provided by London Translation Agency please go to the appropriate section on this website.

Should you have any further questions concerning our translation and interpreting activity contact us right away on 0208 432 3012 and our competent and friendly staff will be more than pleased to clarify all possible matters.

Note: All statements and facts stated on this website fully refer to that of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd which is the ultimate parent company.